The brand

Ever since she was a child, Giorgia Cavina has shown a fervid imagination and surprising fantasy. Growing up, her creative soul has been focused in the world of fashion

She obtained her diploma in Fashion Design at the Next Fashion School- Secoli Institute in Bologna in year 2016.

Then, she trained professionally, as a prototype dressmaker, at an Atelier in Alta Sartoria, where she had the opportunity to approach the world of international Haute Couture.

Thanks to this experience, in 2019 she decided to found the fashion brand with her full name: Giorgia Cavina.

The brand aims to give a new connotation to the tailored garment.

The product is defined by typically refined Italian uniqueness and elegance, with continuous research and experimentation.

All the creations are born after long and detailed researches in the field of materials and workmanship.

On one hand, they enclose the traditions of high quality of Made in Italy craftsmanship and the other hand modern and trendy concepts.

The love, the attention to the details and the careful choice of quality natural raw materials make the Giorgia Cavina’s garments valuable from both a material and emotional point of view.

A product which, despite the time, arouses emotions.